Acer Touch Screen Notebook Computers

See the amazing Acer touch screen notebook computers 2 in 1 and detachable laptop with very nice price and every thing you will need to know about this notebook.

Laptop Details

This touch screen laptop is 2 in 1 detachable laptop from Acer. It has a very good specifications if you compared it with other touch screen notebook computers in the market. It has core m processors which are also families that can be built into similar sized computers but are much more powerful so you’ll see that when we do some of the benchmarks later that. this one is a bit faster than some of the other switch models that we have looked at in the past here.


Acer Switch 11 Touch Screen Notebook Computers

Display Details

In this laptop you will have got an 11.6 inch IPS touchscreen display which is running at 1920 x 1080 so full HD in a very small screen size which means it is a relatively high DPI display you’re going to see a little bit of flickering on screen right here.

Acer Switch 11 Touch Screen Notebook Computers


Performance Details

This computer laptop has four gigabytes of ram, 128 gigabyte SSD, core m processor, it’s the previous generation ships so it’s running at a 100 megahertz to 1.0 gigahertz depending on what you’re doing with it you also get wireless AC on board and weighs about 3.2 pounds altogether with the keyboard that’s 1.4 kilograms the tablet portion itself weighs 1.7 pounds or about 771 grams if you are a follower of the metric system.

Acer Switch 11 Touch Screen Notebook Computers

What About Touch Screen Notebook Computer Modes ?

This touch screen notebook is a 2 in 1 and many 2 in 1 notebook computers we’ve looked at have that flip over screen in 360 angel and this one has the same but you have to detach it to get some of those mode so if you wanted to do the keyboard in the back routine what you have to do is take the screen off and then reattach the touchscreen in the back, and you can get that multimedia look to it so you can kind of do the movie thing on the plane you can also put it into tent mode like so sometimes the latch will come off a little bit but once you get it secured again.

Acer Switch 11 Touch Screen Notebook Computers


Keyboard And TrackPad

The keyboard is my only big complaint here it doesn’t feel all that great the keys are not full size and it they really don’t have a nice feel to them, so they didn’t like the keyboard on the switch 10 and not too crazy about this one either Acer touchlaptop keyboards by and large have not been good to me at least as far as their comfort level is concerned. So I’m not too crazy about that the trackpad is also a little bit too stringy for me as well so not the best track pad either side wish the input mechanism on the keyboard and trackpad was a little bit better.

Acer Aspire Switch 11

Ports Details

There isn’t much in the way of ports on the keyboard bass you do have a USB 3.0 port so you can plug in a external hard drive or something else that you want to put into that spot there.
You also get on the left side of the notebook touch screen a USB port in the micro formats you can get one of those USB OTG cables to convert it to a full size, also you have a micro HDMI output there a microSD card there as well as a combo headset microphone jack on this side is a lot of the standard Windows touch screen computers accoutrements.
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Also there is a power button, your volume rocker and you have a windows button here instead of a capacitive buttons on the front of the screen so and i actually prefer this having the windows button here because a lot of these
devices they put the windows button in the bezel and when you’re holding the touch screen notebook you’re actually hitting the start menu every time so it’s nice to have that off to the side and away from you there.
 Acer Switch 11 Touch Screen Notebook Computers

Notebook Summary

This is one of pretty good but not the best touch screen notebook computers and it really designed for people that have a lot of work need to do. I like the form factor and thin design of a atom-based fanless pc but want something faster.
This Notebook certainly will deliver better performance with the core m processor you do pay a little bit more for that performance, however it’s actually less expensive than a lot of other competing court and based devices on the market that have a similar a detachable or 2 in 1 form factor so you do I get a little bit more for less money with this but it’s not as refined perhaps as those other devices are so it does kind of feel a lot like that less expensive switch 10.
The keyboard and trackpad in particular could be improved but if you’re looking for performance in a 2 in 1 touch screen notebook detachable form factor I think this is a pretty good value as you see it i’m very impressed with the quality of the display.
Screen Size: 11.6 inches
Processor: 800 MHz Athlon Neo Single-Core MV-40
Hard Drive: 128 GB SSD
Graphics: Co-processor Intel Integrated Graphics
Chipset Brand: intel
Card Description: integrated

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