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Best Asus Touch Screen 2 in 1 Laptop

Discover the amazing and the best Asus touch screen 2 in 1 laptop and detachable laptop at the newest edition with full review and best price for it.

Laptop Details

This is a touch screen 2 in 1 laptop and tablet combo that comes in two separate pieces and they’re easily attachable so you can use it as a full-fledged laptop or it’s easily detachable so you can use it as a razor-thin tablet.

Asus Touch Screen 2 in 1 Laptop (1)

Performance Details

This is a full windows 10 machine in the newest edition with the intel core and processor with 4 gigabytes of ram it does come in a lower configuration but this one is the little bit higher-end configuration. the intel core m processor is the same chipset that’s in the brand new mac-book, if you’re familiar with the transformer series and you’ll know that usually the keyboard component has an extra battery for you to boost up your main at tablet component but this time it’s different, This one only has the battery for the keyboard only and it is Bluetooth this time around.
Asus t300

Keyboard And Touchpad

Nothing special about this keyboard dock in this touchscreen laptop just some four rubber feet on the bottom with a matte finish and when you flip it over your keyboard. You get a toggle switch for the on and off for the bluetooth and then you also get your multi-touch trackpad here on the bottom. The keyboard is actually very very good, it’s got nice travel, it’s nice and clicky.
It’s very responsive so I had no problems with the keyboard whatsoever so I like having this freedom, I love if I wanted to type out a quick email or work on some kind of word processing had no problems just attached it and just started typing away and it made my productivity so much better.
The trackpad is pretty good it’s nice and responsive i wish the trackpad was a little bit bigger I’m just used to bigger track pads and I wish it was just a little click here in a little bit more responsive but I didn’t have much problems with it whatsoever.
Asus Touch Screen 2 in 1 Laptop (1)

Laptop Thin Details

The tablet portion of this touchscreen 2 in 1 laptop is extremely thin and to give you an idea about thin if you compare this asus 2 in 1 laptop with a samsung galaxy s6 edge next to it it’s even thinner than that but even when you combine and the keyboard portion is still remains very thin so it’s very compact so all of the cpu and components are housed in that tablet portion so let’s go ahead and take a quick hardware tour.
touch screen 2 in 1 laptop

Ports Details

On the right side you get a combo audio jack so you can use your 3.5 millimeter headphones with it, you get mini HDMI, a full USB 3 port and one of the two stereo speakers.
On the opposite side you will get the volume rocker, a dedicated windows key, your second stereo speaker and your DC.
In on the bottom of this touch laptop you get to magnetic slots that hold in your keyboard dock and then to expand your already included 128 gigabyte SSD.
You get a micro SD card slot and i’m not sure why didn’t you just a full SD card slot but it’s nice to have expandable storage anyway.
Finally up top you get a power button and an LED indicator light.
2 in 1 asus

Touch Screen 2 in 1 Laptop Overall Design

The overall design of this touchscreen 2 in 1 laptop is very nice and it’s got an overall uniform metal-look so I think that’s classy as well.
If you like chamfered edges there is chamfered everywhere on this device but there are some downsides here for that metal finish is very fingerprinting so you’re going to have to wipe this off very often, like I mentioned before it’s a very compact combo so it’s easily stow-able in a small laptop backpack so keep that in your mind.
touch laptop

Weight Distribution

However i did have one major complaint when it comes to this touch screen 2 in 1 laptop combination you do get some weird weight distribution because of the tablet portion is much heavier than the keyboard so you’re going to get a little bit of a rock here and I wish that.
The viewing angles were a little bit better and had more adjust-ability for that’s about as far as it goes back and just most noticeable when you are using the touch screen at the same time because even though it doesn’t move you do get a lot of rocking and a lot of flexing here so you need to be aware of this, it’s not a deal breaker but i ended up using it more as a tablet than anything else.
 touch screen laptop

Touch Screen Details

So this is a fairly large tablet with a display of 12.5 inches and has a quad HD display. It’s got a 2560 x 1440 resolution IPS display and it is a great one it’s got nice color saturation is nice and punchy is super sharp it does get distorted at extreme viewing angles but for the most part i really enjoyed the screen.
 Asus Touch Screen 2 in 1 Laptop (1)

Screen Responsive Test

I was expecting it to be a little less responsive so that’s a nice surprise that it was so responsive and fast when i was doing my normal day to day tasks so this is more like the macbook where it’s meant to be a casual computer for you to browse media on which it does a very good job on.
once again the display is awesome for watching YouTube videos and it plays them back in quad HD resolution so it was awesome to watch that.
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Laptop Summary

So what do you think about the Asus transformer t300 series touch screen 2 in 1 laptop?
I think it’s got a lot going forward especially the price, even this upgraded version.
It has a beautiful display, it has decent performance on day-to-day use but there are a few things holding it back like the battery life and no extra battery when it comes to your keyboard dock and you have to charge that keyboard dock.
But i think this is still a good windows alternative for people that want an ultraportable with a little bit extra.
So let me know what you think about this Asus touch screen transformer book chief t300.
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Brand Name: Asus
Series: Asus Transformer
Item model number: T300CHI
Screen Size: 12.5 inches
Hard Drive: 128 GB flash_memory_solid_state
Graphics: Coprocessor Intel Integrated Graphics
Card Description: Intel HD Graphics 5300

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