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Asus Touch Screen Tablet Laptop

When we start talking about touch screen tablet laptop and getting in the world of tablets we will start to talking about Asus Transformer touch screen tablet so lets take a look on this tablet here.

Laptop Details

Asus T100 Touch Screen Tablet Laptop

What’s nice about this touch screen tablet laptop is that the processors are getting better and better and this touch screen laptop running a real windows not running an RT version or some scale down tablet thing, It running touch windows so if you have windows software will run on a desktop or a larger notebook PC it will also run on this beautiful tablet, Not as well but for a lot of applications you may not need more than that tablet PC with higher performance.

Asus T100 Touch Screen Tablet Laptop

So if this looks like normal touch laptop when you first look at it but it’s got little latch here and you can knocks it out of there , so this is the touch screen tablet component where the most of hardware is located and the other hardware is the keyboard dock and we will cover this hardware in a little bit.

Asus T100 Touch Screen Tablet Laptop

A Look Though The Front Of This Touch Screen Tablet Laptop

It’s got a really nice screen, i really impressed with the color quality and just the overall resolution of the screen , it’s not a Retina screen like you’d have on the Ipad or one of those really high resolution screens where seeing on other tablets but it’s really nice.

Asus T100 Touch Screen Tablet Laptop

Laptop Ports

On the left side here you have got the home button so when you push that button you get brought back to the start menu, there also a volume rocker up and down, the sleep button in the top so you can push that when you want to put the tablet laptop into sleep and it has a little microphone .

Asus T100 Touch Screen Tablet Laptop

In the right side you have a card slot so you can use those little micro SD cards you can pop one of those in there to expand you storage and this particular model has 64 GB of storage and 2 GB of memory so it’s about on par with what I’ve seen for other windows touch screen tablet laptops , HDMI so you can plug that in you television and it can pump out 1080p and in that it works very well, USB port for charging and other USB products and headphone jack.

Asus T100 Touch Screen Tablet Laptop

Asus T100 Touch Screen Tablet Laptop

What About The Keyboard ?

in the doc section you will got keyboard and it has chiclet style , i’d like to see larger keys maybe move the keyboard a little bit so that we get a normal sized keyboard, The side has one more USB 3.0 port so you have a high speed USB on there and you can plug in a hub and get a little bit more connectivity out of that which is nice.

Asus T100 Touch Screen Tablet Laptop

Is This Tablet Laptop A Good Replacement For An Ipad ?

You might be wondering is this a good replacement for a laptop, computer or even a touch tablet and there are people who are thinking about dumping their computer completely and going to an ipad with a keyboard and for some people that might work just fine however I found that keyboards on Ipads just don’t go that well together because they didn’t design the Ipad to work with a keyboard or mouse so things like productivity applications and word processing really do better on a computer or tablet laptop because this thing was designed to be a windows touch screen tablet laptop with a mouse and a keyboard that somewhat integrated with the operating system and what’s nice is that when you somewhat integrated with the operating system and what’s nice is that when you want  touch screen tablet you can just pop it off and get the touch screen tablet functionality so it can be used offline without a lot of complications.


It comes with Onenote so really for under four hundred dollars
you get a really complete full blown PC that doubles as a tablet and it’s really inexpensive and powerful and good battery life and all that so I i think this is a great tablet think is a great value.

Screen Size: 10.1 inches
Processor: 1.33 GHz Intel Atom
Hard Drive: 32 GB
Processor Brand: intel
Average Battery Life (in hours): 11 hours

Last update was on: June 30, 2020 11:38 am

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