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Asus TP200SA 2 in 1 Laptop Full Review & Specifications & Best Price

The best cheap touchscreen laptop “Asus TP200” and the best price for it, Full review for a relatively inexpensive option that’s offered by Asus.

Laptop Details

The top surface of the laptop is aluminum. It’s a dark blue color not quite black and it has a brush finish like they’ve done on several of their devices here, it’s actually kind of cool that they’re giving the same high end finish on an entry-level device like this.
The bottom is plastic, it’s got four rubber feet, two speakers and the internals are not upgrade-able so everything is soldered on the inside.
touch screen laptop

Performance Details

The specs of the unit i have it’s got a quad core intel N3700 so this is the pentium trip running at 1.6 gigahertz on 11.6 inch IPS touchscreen,2 GB of ram and on-board graphics, 32 GB of expandable storage all for under 230$ so it very cheap touchscreen laptop when you compare it with the other laptops with similar specifications in the market.

Asus TP200 Review

Build Quality

The build quality overall seems really solid but the hinge swivels around a little easier than expected, it’s not loose or anything it’s just a really smooth rotating hinge, now the company says that it tests the hinge twenty thousand times before the ship each device so we’re probably good.


Laptop Ports Details

In the left side of the Asus tp200 cheap touchscreen laptop we have a power connection, volume rocker, power switch, microSD, mini-hdmi, a regular USB 3 port and one of the new USB 3.1 ports so this is a port that can push up to 5 gigabits per second, it’s super fast connection.
and on the other side we have a combo microphone headphone jack and a USB 2.0 port.
Asus Cheap Touchscreen Laptop
Asus Cheap Touchscreen Laptop

Keyboard & Trackpad Design

Now when we open up the lid of this cheap touchscreen laptop it’s got a plastic finish that has like a brush the grain finish, the keyboard is nice to type on, its small but it doesn’t feel cramped when you’re typing on it, the keys have good travel at 1.6 millimeters but I wish they were a little more springy and not so squishy.
The arrow keys are well positioned there just a little smaller than normal.
Overall it’s a great keyboard but it’s missing backlighting and backlighting is one of those things that you kind of take for granted when you have it on your device and when it’s not there you really miss it.
The trackpad down here is really large for the size of the laptop, it’s a full-size trackpad and it’s okay i mean the texture is good.
Clicking is good but like almost every other windows trackpad it still has the occasional stutter when you’re tracking but it’s okay.

Asus TP200 Review

Touchscreen Performance

The screen is an 11.6 inch IPS cheap touchscreen laptop running at 1366 x 768 it’s not super high-res but i think going with the lower res screen like this was the right choice given the power of the video card so going higher res might have looked better but graphical performance would have been noticeably worse, and i think the 11.6 inches is the best size of the touchscreen if you want use you laptop outgoing.


Screen Colors Test

The colors look kind of greenish to me and running a spider shows that the color range is pretty limited we’re coming in at 69% srgb and 51% adobe RGB so if your work needs good color accuracy this isn’t that device the viewing angles aren’t great, I’ve definitely seen worse at this price point but they’re still not very good.
Asus Cheap Touchscreen Laptop
The touchscreen does get really bright though as bright as a macbook retina proscreen when you use it in tablet mode the keyboard he activates automatically so you can’t accidentally press keys and stuff it’s really comfortable to use.


My issue with a lot of 2-in-1 laptops or flip devices is that they’re often conversant to hold their just really heavy in tablet mode and the TP 200 is pretty like it’s 2.6 pounds and because it’s an 11.6 inch screen instead of like the 13-inch string it’s just really ergonomic so if you think about it a tablet with a 13 inch screen I mean it’s really cool on paper but it’s really big like even the ipad pro is even that big so this is a smaller footprint, it’s comfortable to use in tablet mode.

Asus Cheap Touchscreen Laptop

Touchscreen Laptop Battery Life

The battery life is ok, it’s a small battery and the advertised and eight hour battery life but with regular use just browsing the web watch some YouTube stuff and doing some emails I was hitting 5 hours with the screen at 80% brightness watching movies with touchscreen also at around eighty percent i was able to get 5.5 hours and a little bit more
These numbers aren’t bad but on a 2 in 1 laptop better life can be really important for some users and i was hoping to get closer to the advertised eight hours.

Laptop Summary

If you are looking for cheap touchscreen laptop at 2 in 1 convertible mode, i think it will be the best laptop for you with this price, it has really nice specifications if you compared it with other laptop with touch screen 2 in 1 in the market and it’s price is awesome, you can use it outgoing with this ok battery life, i wish that it has more battery life but it’s good.

Screen Size: 11.6 inches
Max Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768
Processor: 1.6 GHz Intel Celeron
Hard Drive: 32 GB
Graphics: Coprocessor Intel Integrated Graphics
Chipset Brand: intel
Card Description: integrated

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