12 [Best Performance] Gaming Laptops Under $300 In 2017

Get the best value for your budget and choose one of best gaming laptops under 300 dollars with good performance to run games with reviews.

It’s very hard to find a good laptop for gaming under $300 but there are solutions for every problem so if you have $300 only you should see this post because it has top 12 laptops so you will don’t waste your money.

certainly, the performance of these laptops is not the max for games and there are more but they are the best for this budget.

How To Choose The Best Gaming Laptop

Top 12 Gaming Laptops Under $300Choosing the best gaming laptop depending on different specifications in your laptop and those are the most important:

CPU: The CPU is the first thing you must see before buying laptop because of it the engine of the laptop performance so you should choose the best possible CPU available in the list of best gaming laptops under $300 in this post and if you asked for the best brand you will not find better than Intel and AMD so keep that in your mind.

RAM: Choose high Ram size will make your laptop faster and run more applications at the same time and certainly it will help you to run games with better experience so also try to get the best RAM size even to use the laptop to do other works like web browsing and watch movies.

Graphics Card: Certainly the graphic is one of the most important specifications in your gaming laptop and you should totally care about it and the Nvidia and Atom Graphic cards are the best in laptops market to run games so don’t forget that.

Screen Size: The large screen size will lead to better gaming experience so this list has laptops starting with 11 inches to 15 inches so choose what you like and it will be enough.

Here for gaming laptops under $500 if you have higher budget

Top 12 Gaming Laptops Under $300 Table

Laptop Name Screen Price
1. Dell Inspiron 15 - AMD A8 - 6GB Ram - 500GB HDD 15.6 Inch Under $300
2. Acer Aspire ES 15 - Intel - 4GB Ram - 1TB HDD 15.6 Inch Under $300
3. Newest HP 15 - AMD A8 - 4GB Ram - 500GB HDD 15.6 Inch Under $300
4. Dell Inspiron i5555 - AMD - 6GB Ram - 500GB HDD 15.6 Inch Under $315
5. Asus VivoBook Gaming - Intel - 4GB Ram - 500GB HDD 15.6 Inch Under $300
6. ASUS X551 - Intel - 4GB Ram - 500GB HDD 15.6 Inch Under $300
7. HP Pavilion 15 - AMD - 4GB Ram - 500GB HDD 15.6 Inch Under $300
8. HP 15-af131dx - AMD - 4GB Ram - 500GB HDD 15.6 Inch Under $300
9. Lenovo IdeaPad 110 - Intel - 4GB Ram - 500GB HDD 15.6 Inch Under $300
10. Lenovo Flex 3 - Intel - 4GB Ram - 500GB HDD 11.6 Inch Under $300
11. Dell Latitude Gaming Laptop - Intel - 4GB Ram - 128GB SSD 14.1 Inch Under $300
12. Dell 15 Laptop - AMD - 6GB Ram - 500GB HDD 15.6 Inch Under $300

Laptops Reviews

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Dell Inspiron 15 – AMD A8 – 6GB RAM – 1TB HDD

Best Gaming Experince

Best Gaming Laptops Under $300As a gaming laptop, The performance is the most important part to see on your device, And in this price range, the AMD series is the best solution because it offers the same power of the Intel with cheaper prices because it offers more cores than the Intel to get more power to handle more tasks.

In this laptop you will get:

  • AMD Quad-Core A8-7410 APU (Up to 2.5 GHz Speed)
  • AMD Radeon R5 graphics 
  • 500 GB 5400RPM HDD

While all laptops under $300 offer the AMD A6 processor at maximum, This one offers the AMD A8 Quad-Core processor to give you the maximum power with your budget.

Other Features

  • MaxxAudio
  • Truelife LED-Backlit Display
  • UP to 7 Hours Battery life
  • Windows 10 64 bit
  • HDMI Port
  • x1 USB 3.0 Port

In general, This laptop will give you the best gaming experience with your budget.

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Acer Aspire ES 15 Laptop – Intel – 4GB Ram – 1TB HDD

The Best For General Purposes 

When we are talking about a laptop with $300 budget here is the best one you can get to get the best available performance and value with your money. Not for gaming only but it great for other general porpuses.

The Acer Aspire ES15 in the top list because it has many features that you can’t find in any other device with that budget. Additionally, it has a nice deal at the time of writing this so if it still available it will be a good one.

So for the performance, you will get:

  • 6th Gen Intel Core i3-6100U Processor (2.3GHz)
  • Intel HD Graphics 520
  • 4GB DDR3L Memory
  • 1TB 5400RPM HDD

It’s the highest hardware specification you can get and will give you the enough performance to handle many games and some modern ones with the powerful 6th Gen Core i3 processor and the integrated Intel HD Graphics.

The 1TB Hard Drive is your best choice if you are looking for gaming and will store all files you need.


For the display, you will get the best screen size to get a great experience. 15.6 inch HD Widescreen CineCrystal LED-backlit Display running with 1366×768 resolution.


The design is the usual from Acer in black colors and has pretty good build materials.

The keyboard is great and has good key travels to give you the best typing experience especially in word tasks.

This notebook is just over 5 pounds and just over 1 inch thin, also It will be able to handle the games even a few modern ones as long as graphical settings are kept to a minimum.

Additional Features

  • Highest Performance Under $300
  • Good Battery Life (Up to 6.5-hours)
  • Thin Laptop
  • 1 – USB 3.0 Port.
  • HDMI Port
  • Two Built-in Stereo Speakers
  • 8X DVD-Super Multi Double-Layer Drive
  • Secure Digital (SD) Card.
  • 802.11ac Fastest Wifi Connection

In General, This laptop is the best deal in the market you can get Under 300 dollars with the highest performance and many additional features to get the best value for your money.

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Newest HP 15 – AMD A8 – 4GB Ram – 500GB HDD

Best Of HP

Best HP Gaming Laptop Under $300Certainly, HP is one of best and Best laptop brands. For a cheap gaming laptop, it has the “2017 HP 15.6” with Great specifications if you compared it with the price. for the performance it running with AMD A6

For the performance you will get:

  • AMD Quad-Core A8-7410 APU Processor
  • Radeon R5 Discrete Graphics
  • 500GB SATA Hard Drive

For the display, you get 15.6 inches LED Backlight HD Touchscreen Display (1366×768) and Radeon R5 Graphics.

For the battery life you got 6 hours, it good but you will need it if you outside only because for a gaming laptop you will connect the charger while playing games to get the highest performance for the laptop.

In general, If you are HP fan. This one should be your next laptop.

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Dell Inspiron i5555 Gaming – AMD – 6GB RAM – 500GB HDD

Best Dell Gaming Laptop Under 300This laptop is a little higher than 300 dollars but it deserves it, The specifications similar the previous Dell laptop but with higher specifications and performance so if you have the enough money don’t do not hesitate to choose this one.

It has Quad-Core AMD A8-7410 Processor, 6GB DDR3L RAM and it higher than the Inspiron i3541 and 500GB HDD so feels free to store your games.

For the display performance, you will get Radeon R5 graphics running on 15.6-inch screen size and 1366 x 768 resolution.

Also, it weighs 5.4 pounds and it lighter than the previous laptop. For ports you will get 2 USB 2 Ports and 1 USB 3 so you can transfer your files at very high speed, also you will get Windows 10 operating system and it the best OS nowadays because it will be totally responsive with and very speed especially if you have cheap touch laptop so keep that in your mind.

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Asus VivoBook Cheap – Intel – 4GB RAM – 500GB HDD

Asus Vivobook Gaming LaptopThis is the newest Asus 2017 Vivobook with high performance, premium touch, and very cheap price if you compared it with the other laptops in the market.

You will get Intel Quad Core Pentium N3700 Processor with speed up to up to 2.4 GHz running with 4GB of RAM and 500GB Hard Drive for storage so you can run a little modern games if you make it as minimum graphics.

For the display you will get good features, it has 15.6 Inch Widescreen LED HD Display with 1366 x 768 as maximum resolution and HD intel graphics build in.

One of the good things in this laptop that you will get Windows 10 operating system and until now and my opinion it is the best OS, and the laptop has cool silver color.

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ASUS X551 Laptop – Intel – 4GB RAM – 500GB HDD

Asus X551 Laptop Under $300This laptop is under $300 from Asus, it has very nice specifications and high rating on amazon, for the gaming performance you will get Intel Celeron 2.16GHz, 4GB of RAM and 500GB Hard drive.

The Display has 15-inch screen size with 1366 x 768 screen maximum resolution and Integrated graphic card.

The battery life is not bad too, it can stay up to 5 hours but you will not need it if you will buy this laptop for gaming because most times it will be on the charger.

This notebook weighs 4.7 pounds so it will be good for outgoing and do other stuff like web browsing, watching HD movies and tackles any task you throw at.

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HP Pavilion 15 – AMD – 4GB RAM – 500GB HDD

HP Pavilion 15 Gaming Laptops Under $300This also one of best amazing HP budget gaming laptops under $300 of the new 2017 year, this notebook has really beautiful design and cool black color with very nice performance especially the CPU processor.

For the performance this laptop has AMD Quad-Core A6-5200 Processor with 2.0GHz, the quad-core processor will let you play games with higher performance and it running with 4GB of RAM and 500GB hard drive with 5400 RPM speed.

It has HD BrightView WLED-backlit display and a 15.6-inch screen with 1366×768 resolution, also the color calibration is nice and the overall design is nice and made of cool material.

Certainly, this one should be on your list if you have the only $300 budget and looking for a good laptop with the best performance for games.

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HP 15-af131dx Gaming Laptop – AMD – 4GB Ram – 500GB HDD

HP 15 af131dx Gaming LaptopFor the gamers who looking for laptop certainly they search for the highest performance to run as possible as games but sometimes they controlled by the money, Fortunately there are new laptops that good for games and with cheap prices too, it will not run all games but at least you will get value for your budget and will get the highest possible performance in the PC in the market and this HP laptop is one of them that you should see.

It has AMD A6-Series processor running with 4GB of ram and 500GB HDD storage so you will feel free to store all your games.

Also, this laptop is not for games only that you can use it to do all your daily works, web browsing and watch movies and the screen will help you because it has 15.6″ WLED backlight display and AMD Radeon R4 graphic card.

Those performances are missing from most Desktops with that price in the market so it will be a good choice for you.

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Lenovo Ideapad 110 – Intel – 4GB Ram – 500GB HDD

Lenovo Best Gaming Laptop Under 300For the Lenovo lovers and searching for a cheap laptop with high performance, I think this one will be a good choice.

The “Lenovo Ideapad 110” has the best specifications if you compared it with the $300 price so it has Intel Celeron processor running with 4GB of Ram and speeds up to 1.6 GHz, also the 500GB HDD will let you don’t worry about store your games and data like movies and work files.

It pretty cool affordable IdeaPad with many features, the build quality is awesome and the hinge design is more robust and allows for smooth 180-degree and the 802.11 a/c WiFi connectivity will let you browse the web very fast.

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Lenovo Flex 3 – Intel – 4GB Ram – 500GB HDD

Lenovo Flex 3 Touchscreen Gaming LaptopThis Laptop from Lenovo is a little special and has more features that you can use.

For the gamers who looking for the best budget gaming laptop under 300 dollars certainly, they will use it for other things like browsing, watching movies even use it outside so if you planning to use the laptop for various stuff this one will be the best for you.

Despite it has a cheap price but there are many features in it so in 2 in 1 laptop with a touchscreen so you can flip your screen to 360 degrees and this will be very useful to do all your daily works and for gaming time you can use it as a regular notebook.

For the performance, it has Intel Celeron processor, 4GB DDR3L Of Ram – 500GB HD so if you like the touch screen this one should be your choice and at the time of this post it has a nice offer and make it under $300 so keep that deal in your mind.

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Dell Latitude – Intel – 4GB Ram – 128G SSD

Dell Latitude E6420 Top Gaming LaptopsThis laptop has great performance and if you are looking for the best gaming laptop under $300 this one will be nice for you.

It has Intel Core i5 with 3.2G Turbo Frequency, 4G RAM, and 128GB SSD so you can transfer your files at very high speed and higher than the HDD but it has less Storage so if you are looking for speed this Dell PC will be great.

For the Display, you will get 14.1-Inch HD with 1366 x 768 Resolution.

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Dell 15 Laptop – – Quad-Core – 6GB Ram – 500GB HDD

Gaming Laptops Under $300This laptop is great as budget-friendly laptop and the performance is awesome if we are still talking about this price range because it considers one of the greatest laptops you can buy for gaming with this price. For the external graphics card, you will get Radeon™ R5 Graphics card to be able to run many games and watch movies too. It can use for many purposes not to play games only.

For the performance you will get:

  • AMD A8-7410 Quad-Core Processor
  • 6GB Ram
  • 500GB HDD
  • Integrated Intel HD Graphics
  • Radeon™ R5 Graphics

As for the display, it ships with 15.6-inch screen with 1366 x 768 resolution to enjoy with your favorite games and movies. It the best and most common screen size to have for multimedia.

As for ports, you will get HDMI port, 1 USB 3.0 port for fast data transfer (Up to x10 faster than USB 2.0).

In general this laptop you must check before taking the final decision. See more details at amazon page below.

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