Best Lenovo Quad Core Touch Screen Laptop

Full review for “Lenovo Ideapad Y50” the best quad core touch screen laptop with ultra HD screen, Core i7 processor and Nvidia graphic card, Get the best price for this touch laptop.

Laptop Design Details

If you are looking for good quad core touch screen laptop this one should be on your list because of it one of best Lenovo laptops, so Let’s talk about the design.

The chassis comes with a brushed metal design and that gives it a very sleek looking feel to it.
The corners of the housing are angled just a bit and the lid is slanted towards the corners and that makes for a very stylish look.
Though fingerprints I have to tell you are still a problem here.
The vents on the back make it look like a top of the line gaming PC laptop but more on the so-called “vents” later on when we talk about performance.
Lenovo Quad Core Touch Screen Laptop
The bottom of the chassis consist of three rubber pads and that’s to distance the laptop from your table or desk. One of those being a long piece just above the intake vent. That’s to prevent overheating. A circular subwoofer for excellent sound from JBL audio.
touch screen laptop

Ports Details

Now as for the left side of your PC laptop, you have your updated power port. This is very much different from previous generations. Next, you have your ethernet or Local Area Connection port. A standard HDMI and two USB ports with a nice Lenovo red finish.

Lenovo Quad Core Touch Screen Laptop

As for your right side, you have your s/pdif port. That is for transmission of digital audio & next to that you have your standard headset jack. Next to that you have an SD card slot and you’re always on USB port which must be turned on in the BIOS settings. No Lenovo red finish here but next to that you also have your anti-theft device which is a Kensington lock.

Speakers & Keyboard Details

After opening the lid you’ll see two high-quality sound left and right speakers from JBL audio. These of which bleed over onto the left and sides of the PC.
Next you have a chiclit style backlit keyboard with the bright Lenovo red coloring. The keys are shrunken down a bit and that’s to be able to fit them on the board. This does result in some minor typing errors as it did on the Y510p and my biggest complaint would have to be the shift key which is very tiny and sometimes it causes some errors but you will get used to it.
Lenovo Quad Core Touch Screen Laptop
As for the backlight there are three settings. One of those being off of course, one bright and then finally one 10 percent brighter than that. Not much of a choice for brightness there but it looks very cool and definitely gets some people looking.

Lenovo Quad Core Touch Screen Laptop

 Laptop Touchpad Design

Now for the touchpad on this laptop you know they just never seem to get this one right. If you’re just using one finger then all is well, but add another and things can get very difficult. For instance trying to scroll to something and then click it, it’ll stop you from scrolling if you put your finger on the clicker before you click. If you try to scroll any further in a program that allows zoom be prepared to have whatever you’re looking at blast you in the face. Though all this can be solved in the settings, it’s still never spot on.

touch screen laptop

As you probably already seen already the palm rest has changed it doesn’t have that same material as it used to. It now has this rubbery feel to it and that does a lot to help with the appearance of fingerprints. You can touch it or rub your fingers across it and you might not be able to see it unless you are looking at it at a certain angle. and this is much different from the lid which marks up with oily prints really fast.

lenovo ideapad y50

 Touch Screen Color Range

The color range is widely limited as well as accuracy is being worse than if a blind man was picking the colors.
For instance whites along with everything else have this light blue glaze to it and it takes a lot a calibration get it where you want it. Even then it’s still limited. But anyways I won’t rage too much about that.

touch screen laptop

 Quad Core Touch Screen Laptop Performance

The GTX 960M in this quad core touch screen laptop is very powerful it packs in 4gb’s of video RAM Along with Maxwell technology.
It also packs the Intel i7 4710HQ which in some and only some instances it can perform better than the 4700 but this is only in multi-threaded workload sand has something to do with each core and then I think only one core can run at the highest settings.
The CPU matches the GTX 960M very well. It can handle a lot of editing workloads.
Stock speed is 2.5 gigahertz and the boost clock is 3.5 and this is a locked CPU so you cannot overclock it.
Then you have standard 16 gigabyte RAM clocked at 1600 megahertz is the standard and the best for frame latency.
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 Laptop Summary

There’re so many things that Lenovo has done right here, Maxwell technology i7 3.5GHz processor, high fidelity gaining, a very sleek design and many good things.
For this quad core touch screen laptop I cannot justify the cost It’s good if you compared it with mostother laptops but not the best, that they’re asking for. Add a really good screen maybe with a higher hertz rating so we won’t have to deal with tearing and some better color calibration. at the end it really nice lenovo laptop and better than most range laptops in the market.
Brand Name: Lenovo
Item model number: Lenovo Y50
Processor 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7
Operating System: Windows 10
Item Weight: 5.3 pounds
Hard Drive 1 TB HDD 5400 rpm
Graphics Coprocessor NVIDIA GeForce
Last update was on: October 18, 2019 6:55 am
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