HP Laptop Touch Screen 17 inch

See full review for the new HP laptop touch screen 17 inch with high performance and core i7 processor in full HD laptop and the best price for it.

Laptop Details

This is a 17.3 inch multimedia laptop features some pretty good specs for the price. you get a broad well dual core i7 with Nvidia 940M and two gigabytes of ddr3, 12 gigabytes of ram and one terabyte hard drive running a 5400 RPM often attract the price of under thousand-dollars let’s see if this laptop is worth picking up.
Laptop Touch Screen 17 inch

Design Details

The design is pretty similar to most other envy touchscreen laptops and that’s a good thing, the exterior has a nice natural silver plastic finish. It also does a great job of keeping fingerprints away.
The interior has a painted metal finish on the palmrest has a nice cool touch to the overall design.
The top section of the interior is your beats audio speakers, and last but not least is your HP controls on touch track pad.
overall this laptop touch screen 17 inch is well built all around, the weight comes in at 7.0 seven pounds and its thickest point is 1.22  inches, in my opinion that’s pretty acceptable for full size touch screen 17 inch laptop.
Laptop Touch Screen 17 inch

Ports Details Of The 17 Inch Laptop

The left side you have your AC charging port, internet exhaust port, HDMI, two USB 3 and an SD card here and the good news about this SD card reader is SD card is almost flush mount with this touch screen laptop.
 Laptop Touch Screen 17 inch
On the right side you got your power status and hardens LED indicator Lions followed by your headset microphone jack combo, an additional USB 3 and a DVD drive which is very rare nowadays.

Laptop Touch Screen 17 Inch Display Performance

The display performance is pretty nice, the screen rocking a 1920 x 1080p LG philips TN panel and it looks gorgeous, maybe most TN panels on the market are pretty bad but this one is beautiful.
sRGB coverage came in at a whopping 99% and the adobe RGB came in at 78% percent these scores are right up there with the Dell XPS 13, HP Spectre x360 and the Samsung ATIV book 9.
View angles were pretty adequate for TN panel also expecting the worst but I was actually quite surprised at the viewing angles on this laptop touch screen with the 17 inch, since this is a glossy panel you’re gonna get a lot of reflections by windows and bright lighting so keep that in mind.
Laptop Touch Screen 17 inch

Keyboard Design

This laptop with touch screen has a very nice key feature, it  is the backlit keyboard have her for future generations, I would like to see multiple brightness options.
Moving along to track pad the HP m7 controls on track pad that is the size of an iphone 6, it does a great job of tracking, two-finger scrolling was very smooth and multi-touch gestures were pretty responsive, for those of you that don’t know HP laptop controls on track pad can give you quick access to the charms menu and multitask injury.

What About The Fan Noise ?

HP Envy m7 laptop touch screen 17 inch ran pretty cool and efficient fan noise levels were pretty good overall during light usage you can hardly hear the fan if anything you can hear the 5400 RPM hard drive more than the fan but under heavy usage the fans will cook up to about 54 decimals.

HP Envy

Laptop Battery Life & Audio Speakers

Battery life is going to be the shortest coming for this touch laptop. The power is coming from a four-cell 41 what our battery pack which is very small for this laptop. On average I’ve been able to get around 3 to 3.5 hours out of a full charge with screen brightness set around 50%, the good news here is the battery pack is replaced on the go so you plan on taking this huge laptop on the road be sure to get that extra battery pack.
 HP Envy m7 17 inch
The Envy m7 laptop is powered by Beats Audio speakers and actually sound pretty good, they are loud and they offer decent sound, the mids and highs are well-balanced and the overall sound quality is acceptable.
For Wi-Fi performance you’re getting intel dual band wireless-ac 3160 which offers great solid performance you also have bluetooth 4.0 enable.
Note: Also you can see lenovo 17 inch touch screen laptop

Touch Laptop Summary

I think this is probably the best bang in terms of full size laptop touch screen 17 inch, i would even choose this laptop over the Dell Inspiron 17, if you plan on running heavy 30 programs and more intense cpu programs and you want to take a look at some of the other 17 inch laptops that future dedicated GPU and a quad-core i7 with that being said for the average consumer out there. I highly recommend this HP Envy m7 for someone that wants the full size touch screen 17 inch laptop that offers a great bang for your buck.
The cons were the short battery life but let’s be real here is that is most likely going to spend most of its day in the office or at home. The second minor complaint I have is a short key travel on the keyboard but give it some time and you’ll get adjusted to this keyboard just fine.
Screen Size: 17.3 inches
Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7
Hard Drive: 1TB
Graphics: Coprocessor Intel Integrated Graphics
Chipset Brand: Intel
Card Description: integrated
Wireless Type: 802.11 A/C

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