Top 6 Best (Core i5) Touchscreen Laptops In 2017

Discover the best intel core i5 touchscreen laptops to get the best performance and the best deals for them.

Everyone need a laptop fit with his need without spend a lot of money and for the new touchscreen laptops they have a lot of specifications that will make the different with your processor so we collected the best core i5 touchscreen laptops with the best prices.

Is i5 Touchscreen Laptop Enough For Performance?

It depends on what performance you need on your laptop, in most cases, it will be totally enough if you will not use the laptop for extreme heavy tasks, because of it the heart of your laptop so it the most important thing that you should check before buying your laptop.

So here is a list of best i5 touchscreen laptops from best brands in the market with reviews and best prices.

Top 5 Core i5 Touchscreen Laptops Chart

Laptop Name Screen Price
1. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 - Intel i5 - 4GB Ram - 128 SSD 12.3 Inch Under $800
2. Asus ZenBook - Intel i5 - 8GB Ram - 256GB SSD 13.3 Inch Under $700
3. Acer Aspire S13 - Intel i5 - 8GB Ram - 256GB SSD 13.3 Inch Under $700
4. Acer Aspire V13 - Intel i5 - 6GB Ram - 256GB SSD 13.3 Inch Under $600
5. Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 - Intel i5 - 8GB Ram - 500GB HDD 15.6 Inch Under $600
6. Dell Inspiron - Intel i5 - 8GB Ram - 1TB HDD 13.3 Inch Under $500

Laptops Reviews

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Intel i5 – 4GB Ram- 128GB SSD

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Touchscreen i5 ReviewIf we are talking about the best touch laptops we must put the Microsoft Surface on the list because of it, not just a laptop, it all in 1 with touchscreen and very high performance in one device, and for the best core i5 laptops this one is totally great.

It has a beautiful design that you can convert to all modes very easy, also it has a detachable screen like the detachable laptops we looked before but this one has great specifications and best features you will need for business, studying drawing and even gaming better than the other cheap gaming laptops.

And those specifications you can easily choose the higher version with higher performance till i7 processor and definitely cost more money but if you don’t have the enough budget, the Core i5 will be great with you.

For this version, it has Intel Core i5 6th Gen, 4GB ram, and 128GB SSD.

As a ultra-portable device, the battery life becomes a very important thing here and for this device, it has great battery life although it’s high specifications and it up to 10 hours of video playback.

You can also replace your desktop with that convertible one and ultra-portable notebook because it weighs only 1.7 pounds and 12.3 inch screen size so it great laptop to use it for day-to-day tasks and business.

Note: keyboard is not included and needed to be purchased separately

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Asus ZenBook – Intel i5 – 8GB Ram – 256GB SSD

Asus ZenBook Core I5 Touchscreen LaptopThe Asus is a reliable company and this “ZenBook UX303UA” consider one of best i5 laptops under $700 with very nice performance. It powered by 6th-generation Intel Core i5-6200U with turbo speed up to 2.8GHz, 8GB of ram is it great for multitasking and heavy work, 256GB SSD so it very fast to transfer your files and if it not enough you can choose the 512GB SSD version before buying.

The display is very nice with 13.3 inch and IPS multi-touch LED backlit display so you will get more accurate viewing angle and better color reproduction quality and get superior touch input experience.

The design of this notebook is one of most attractive designs because it has a slim body with an aluminum design with the cool smokey brown color.

As for the battery you will get 7 hours battery life and it good but not the best. You will get also 3 x USB 3 so feel free to transfer your files at very high speed.

One of the great advantages of this laptop is the amazing backlit keyboard, it has very cool design and great for business, the ambient-light sensor will make the backlit adjust automatically so you will be able to see your keys anywhere ever in complete darkness.

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Acer Aspire S13 – Intel i5 – 8GB Ram – 256GB SSD

Acer Aspire S13 Touchscreen i5 LaptopAcer also is a great company and for touchscreen laptops with core i5 processor you should check this one, It’s “Aspire S13”, it one of very beautiful notebook that you can use in business, medium gaming, and regular use.

It has 6th Generation Intel Core i5-6200U Processor with speed up to 2.8GHz and you will get the best experience with the 8GB of ram and 256GB SSD all running on the great windows 10, it great operating system and totally responsive with the touchscreen.

For the display, you will get 13.3 inch HD LED-backlit IPS display so you will get better viewing angles and great color reproduction.

If you travel a lot and need long battery life laptop with a high performance this one must be on your list because it has massive battery life up to 13 hours so feel free to work on your desktop all day with the i5 processor.

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Acer Aspire V13 – Intel i5 – 6GB Ram – 256GB SSD

Acer Aspire V 13 Touchscreen Lapop i5This is also great laptop from Acer with similar performance of the previous one, it almost has the same design but with cheap price, you will get your Intel Core i5-6200U too with 6GB of ram and 256GB SSD to transfer your files at very high speed.

Also, you will get Intel HD Graphics 520 as your graphic card so feel free to watch movies smoothly anytime also feel the best experience with the full day battery.

This notebook weighs just 3.5 pounds so it not bad to take it with you and do all your tasks anywhere.

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Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 – Intel i5 – 8GB Ram – 500GB HDD

Dell Inspiron i5 Touchscreen LaptopsWhen we are talking about core i5 laptops under $600 we must talk about this one powered by Dell. it called “Dell Inspiron”, One of most amazing feature that you can’t find in any other laptops listed here is that it a 2 in 1 laptop so you will get the best performance of your device with all modes you need to do all daily work so you can easily switch between all modes to get the best experience with your machine.

For the performance, you will get Intel Core i5-6200U Dual-core Processor running with 8GB of ram and 500GB HDD.

As for the display, you will get 15.6 inch full HD display with a flip to 360 degrees ability, 1920 x 1080 as max resolution and HD integrated graphics and the display offers good viewing angles so you will get vibrant colors and sharp details.

The keyboard has very attractive design and very comfortable with backlit feature.

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Dell Inspiron – Intel i5 – 8GB Ram – 1TB HDD

Dell i5 Touchscreen LaptopsThis also a great series from Dell Inspiron with core i5 processor and cheaper price for who looking for budget-friendly laptops.

And this one offers Intel Core i5-5200U with Turbo Boost up to 2.70 GHz, 8GB of ram for multitasking and 1TB HDD so feel free to save all your files at the high-performance notebook.

You will get also Intel HD Graphics 5500 so you can use it as a gaming laptop but it still not the best, here if you need gaming laptops under 600 dollars.

This device has 15.6 inch screen size with HD touchscreen and weighs just 5.2 pounds so it great weight if you compared it with the other notebooks with the same screen size.

The design also very attractive and you can use it for business with the great silver color and the slim body design.

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