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9 Must Have Laptop Accessories For Students 2017

List of most important laptop accessories for school and college students to have to enhance your productivity.

9 Best Laptops Accessories For StudentsA laptop without accessories is like a tea without sugar, like iPhone without App-Store. With the small tools, you can move your computing experience to another level without costing you a lot of money.

Everyone has his own needs and there are many accessories to use. And every category has the best for it despite there are a lot of similar accessories can be used in many cases.

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So here we will try to cover most important laptop accessories for college and school students to make their teaching easier. With small tools, you can increase your productivity and make your life easier so don’t forget to check all laptop accessories.

TechNet Optical Wireless Mouse

Best Portable Mouse For College StudentsIt’s too much easier to control your laptop with a mouse than the touchpad. It’s pretty much faster and has more efficiency, So if you didn’t try to use the mouse I highly recommend to use one. Not if you are a student only buy mostly in all purpose to get works done faster than ever.

The mouse we have here is powered by TechNet and offer precise with 2400 DPI and smart cursor control over many surface types.

The 2.4GHz wireless technology will let you experience zero delays to get more efficiency, especially for gaming.

With the TeckNet CoLink technology, you don’t need to re-establish pairing after a signal loss or shutdown and you can control the cursor from distance up to 50ft/15m.


  • 2400 DPI
  • 2.4GHz wireless technology
  • On/Off switch
  • Auto power-off function
  • Smart sleep mode

For the battery life, you don’t need to worry about it even you can forget that your mouse runs with battery because it can stay up to 18-Month long battery life so forget about it.

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Seagate External Hard Drive

Best Portable External Hard DriveIf you have a budget laptop or convertible tablet laptop the storage is a big problem those devices but in the opposite you will get a ultraportable device to move around with and long battery life to get all day tasks done as students so in this case, an external hard drive became one of the most important accessories that you must move with. Also it very useful to easily transfer files and researchers between devices and send/ receive files from your friends so make sure to have one.

The hard drive that we have here is one of the best and powered by Seagate Technology. It the highest rated external hard drive in Amazon because of its small size and the good prices.

You can choose between 6 different capacities and available in black, blue, silver and red colors.

Also, it has pretty fast file transfer with USB 3.0 connectivity and works interchangeably on PC and Mac computers without formatting problem.

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Lacdo Water Repellent Laptop Sleeve

Best Laptop Sleeve For College And School StudentsA sleeve can be very useful to easily move around with your laptop or tablet. For college and school

For college and school students, the sleeve can be a great idea because it has light weight and not complicated like the backpack or handbag especially for who don’t w like to carry a lot of things while moving around when you need to carry only your laptop as well as the cool design.

This one is really nice and lined to protect your laptop from scratches and also it water repellent so it very useful to have one.

Also with the zipper side pockets, you can put other small accessories like the external hard drive or power bank.

It available too many colors and the red, rose and pink colors will look very beautiful for girls.

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ChargeTech External Power Bank Charger

Best Laptop Accessories For College StudentsGetting a power bank to move with is really accessory that you shouldn’t mix because seeing your laptop battery die is very annoying so getting an external charger can save your laptop for more hours.

Not the laptop only that you can charge even your phone or any other device like MacBooks and cameras so make sure to have one.

The power bank we have here is powered by ChargeTech and has 27000mAh and very small to move around and you can carry it into the sleeve listed here.

The output port has a FastCharge technology to deliver 2.4 full amps to your devices and very high quality built and design.

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CANON PIXMA Wireless Portable Printer

Best Canon Portable Printer For StudentsSome Doctors accept the assignments online but the other still need them on papers so, for students that need papers a lot, a printer will be a great deal for them. Not for assignments only but for personal use too because in some cases, studying on touch screen and tablet is not enough so make sure to have a printer.

Not for assignments only but for personal use too because in some cases, studying on touchscreen laptops and tablet is not enough so make sure to have a printer.

Certainly, Canon is one of the greatest brands especially in those micro products so you don’t need to worry about the built material or design because it looks pretty cool and simple. Also, the small body will let you easily carry anywhere.

Also, the small body will let you easily carry anywhere.

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Best Laptop Stand For Students

Best Laptop Stand For StudentsA laptop stands maybe not a big deal for same of students but for who use presentations, homework and school projects a lot can be the best deal on this list.

The one we have here is a solidly built, made of steel and great material with free-hand tripod laptop holder.

There are four adjustable points that can securely anchor laptop at any size without affecting on input/output ports.

It can swivel to 360 degrees and you can easily put the mouse at the right or left side of the stand.

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Tech Armor Laptop Cleaning Kit

Best Laptop Cleaning KitMoving with a cleaning kit may not seems the important accessory that you should move with but for who have touch screen laptop or 2 in 1 laptop, you must have this kit because it will help you a lot to keep your screen clean to be able to use the touchscreen smoothly.

Also, you can clean your laptop surface from dirt and fingerprints and keep your keyboard clean.

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Best Control Armband

Best Control ArmbandThis one is the most interesting accessory in this list even if you not a student.

Sometimes when you do your homework or assignment you need to slide paper and control your laptop and you must move to control it. Also in presentations.

This is a small accessory that you put it in your arm and easily control many devices by moving your arm.

To understand how it works see the next video to see and the devices you can control.

Last update was on: May 30, 2020 3:57 am

SwissGear Best Backpack For College And School Students

Best Backpack For StudentsTo move around with your laptop and all accessories you need certainly require a bag. And for backpack lovers, this one will be awesome for them to carry all laptop accessories you need to your school or college.

It does not matter what is your laptop size because this backpack can accommodate most 17 inch laptops so don’t worry about that.

With the adjustable padded straps, you will keep the laptop secure and protect it from hits and scratches.

With the Airflow Back System, you will get the best available comfort when you move a lot with the backpack especially for students who stay all-day in college and move a lot.

Also don’t worry about your small gadgets because it contains divider pockets for pens, pencils, cell phone, and CDs.

Last update was on: May 30, 2020 3:57 am
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