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Best Lenovo Laptop Touch Screen i5

Discover the new lenovo laptop touch screen i5 2 in 1 and powered by core i5 processor and has tablet mode, see the full review and get the best price.

Touch Laptop Details

Let’s start to take a look at the hardware, This is a 14 inch display at 1920 x 1080 so you got a full HD IPS display. This one is kind of the less expensive sibling to the Lenovo yoga 900 touch screen , it’s a little bit heavier but it does cost a lot less, so this one with the 14 inch display and Core i5 processor with 2.3 gigahertz, 8 gigabytes of ram and a 256 gigabyte SSD.

i5 touch screen laptop



It weighs about 3.5 pounds it’s 1.6 kilograms and not too heavy but certainly heavier than the more expensive y900 but overall pretty nice build, you’ve got aluminum here on the top so you have a nice metal field to the keyboard bass and the rest of it, i believe is plastic they’ve got a rubberized coating around it as well does have a nice build quality to it.
The hing design is very good and i liked it and you can tent the touchscreen at any position you want.

Lenovo Laptop Touch Screen i5


Keyboard And Touchbad Of The Laptop Touch Screen I5

The keyboard in this laptop touch screen i5 is like the lenovo keyboard layout but on this one the keys don’t travel very far so I would like a little bit more travel to the keys to make it a little bit more comfortable to type on so wasn’t too crazy about the keyboard.
The trackpad that though I do like it, actually is pretty responsive and there’s definitely been an improvement of windows trackpads across the board in this but this model has essentially about these laptops with touch screen and i do like the click pad here.
Again the keyboard could use a little bit of work and it is backlit if you’re looking for a backlit keyboard.
Lenovo Laptop Touch Screen i5


Ports Details

On the left side you have a combo USB 2.0 and power adapter, it’s not us bc obviously but lenovo has this feature where you can charge the laptop touch screen i5 with this orange USB port and then when you’re not charging it use it as a another USB 2.0 port you have a faster USB 3 port, also you have a headset microphone combo Jack there you’ve got a card reader for SD cards however the cards really stick out quite far when you have them plugged in so that’s about as far in as it goes when you attach a card to it so you may want to keep that in mind if you are looking for SD card as your ongoing external storage.
Lenovo Laptop Touch Screen i5


USB 3.0 also on the tight side and you have a hdmi port here, micro HDMI so it’s a little bit smaller than the large hdmi plugs we usually see, volume rocker up and down here and laptop screen orientation lock so if you want to lock the screen position down while you rotate the 2 in 1 laptop around you can push this button to lock the screen orientation , Also there is a bios button for doing resets and other things and over here is your standby button.
lenovo yoga 700

Battery Life

Battery life is average i’m getting about six hours doing a web browsing and word processing cask so you’ll get a little bit less if you’re gaming and playing back movies and other things on it so definitely plan on charging it if you want to get through an entire work day.
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Lenovo Laptop Touch Screen i5

Laptop Summary

It’s not gonna be as nicely built you don’t have a nice of a laptop touch screen i5 but it certainly is more than capable with a 1080p display, a pretty lightweight you get the 2 in 1 function and I really is a pretty good deal for what you pay for this i5 laptop.
I think it’s a nice compromise system if a gaming pc is just too big and bulky for you. You can get a GPU on this thing that will play some games and also not be too heavy to walk around with and really good for getting all your work done with the i5 processor and 2 in 1 touch screen laptop.


Screen Size: 14 inches
Hard Drive: 128 GB flash_memory_solid_state
Chipset Brand: intel
Processor: Intel Core i5

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