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Lenovo U530 Touch Screen PC Laptop

Full review for Lenovo U530 touch screen pc laptop, core i7 and full HD full review and the best price for this laptop.

Laptop Details

Today we have full review of the Lenovo U530 touch screen laptop, and I just want to start by saying if you are looking for a heavy gaming laptop with max graphics just stop the reading here and look for another laptop computers touch screen because this won’t cut it.
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touch screen pc laptop

Why You Should Buy This Touch Screen PC Laptop ?

If you’re looking for a everyday kind of computer this will be great for you because it will do all your word processing all that stuff you’ll be able to run all your word processing programs like Excel. You can do word all that good stuff be able to do that Internet multimedia videos you do that just fine.
So anyway lets go ahead and go over the particulars about that touch screen pc laptop.
lenovo U530 review


It’s got a really nice chassis on it, it’s very smooth brushed metal design on it, got a pretty thin profile for how much power does pack but is no Mac Book Air or any kind of macbook pro, it’s not even that thin I believe but it’s still got a pretty nice.

PC Ports Details

it’s got all the ports that you need like HDMI Ethernet ports USB ports now they could of probably stuck a bit more USB ports on their but it does pretty well and it’s got a SD card slot so I don’t really complain so now the keyboard it’s pretty nice its just like the Lenovo Y510p touch screen pc laptop if anybody has messed with that.
lenovo U530 review

Keyboard Design

It has a chiclit style with light backlit.
It is where the keyboard is actually kind of shrunken down in some areas like the right shift key is really shrunken along with the enter button is much smaller than what most people are used to it and it kind of crunches all the keyboard keys into one big block to try to squeeze as much as they can on to that board now during typing you can have some issues but it does type pretty well just takes some getting used to for something that your saying if you are moving from a desktop keyboard to this probably gonna take you a while to get used to it.
touch screen pc laptop

Touch Screen Details

The screen is pretty nice the touch on it is very very very responsive, the colors pop now the blacks are not as deep as I would like them to be I kinda messed with the color saturation to try to get it right it took some tweaking to make it normal colors so I think many of you will have to do that as well but the colors do pop once you get it set properly and calibrated and all that good stuff.
touch screen pc laptop

Battery Performance

Now the battery life on this touchscreen pc laptop, it will go a long while definetly handle long periods of doing all your processes and stuff like that and it will last while.
touch screen pc laptop

Touchpad Design

Now the touchpad is pretty good it’s got a really good driver on it so it doesn’t go nuts like it does on other computers so clicking is is responsive there is no hesitation or accidental right clicks or accidental clicks whenever you are scrolling up and down.

Touch Laptop Summary

My one complaint about this PC would have to be the fact that they put a discrete graphics card and also a CPU that also has an integrated graphic card within it that can be good in certain situations but the integrated GPU is almost as good as the 730 so by putting another GPU processing unit in there, whenever you could just use the GPU that’s on board already or put something a lot more powerful besides GT 730M.
This lenovo touch screen pc laptop, will be able to do all your daily task internet everything like that so you’re set on that school works great for college if anybody just likes to crank up Netflix be able to do all that stuff on the go and have some kind entertainment device while they’re on the move, I would say buy a tablet but this’ll do it and I think you’ll really enjoy it.
Brand Name: Lenovo
Item model number: Lenovo U530
Processor 1.8 GHz
Graphics: Coprocessor Intel Integrated Graphics
Card Description: Intel HD Graphics 4400
Hard Drive 500 GB
Screen Size: 15.6 inches
Last update was on: March 5, 2020 3:56 pm
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