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BestShoppy is a site that providing high-quality articles for touch and 2 in 1 laptops reviews in all prices for college and school students to get the best laptop for them at budget prices. We also have other guides that are specifically focused on the usage such as Best touch screen laptops under all prices and best 2 in 1 laptops. We also have a guide to finding the best gaming laptops of 2017. Currently, our only aim is to help our readers make the right decision while buying a new laptop.

Moving further, we have launched a new program known as “bestshoppy Scholarship” in which undergraduates and postgraduates can showcase their passion and talent for a laptop. Of course, a laptop is a necessity for just about any college student, and this is a great opportunity for all the students to win a laptop for their choice.

Students pursuing their studies in IT, Computer Science, Marketing, and Business might be more interested in this scholarship program. Though it doesn’t matter in which sector you study, a passion for the laptop is a must to deliver an appealing essay. If you believe you can do this, then please keep reading to understand our laptop scholarship program.

Basic Terms for Participation

To participate in our scholarship program, you will have to write an essay on “Best Laptops.” It can be anything such as “Best Laptops Under $600” or “Best College Students Laptops.” There are hundreds of titles you can write about, and as long as it’s about laptops, you will be considered.

The participants are required to write content with a minimum of 700 words and the bigger, the better. We will be announcing one winner will get a laptop (under $600) of their choice.

Who is Eligible for this program?

It’s currently open for all the students enrolled in high schools, colleges, and universities.

What do we expect?

Well, we expect a piece of content that is well-written, innovative and lateral. We have around 6 of our in-house laptop experts that will review your essays and decide which one is the best according to words, writing style, creativity, etc. Hence, we expect a high quality and informative article.

How to submit your Article?

Once you’re done writing an article of at least 600 words, you will have to send it to us on in a Word or PDF format. Please include “Scholarship” in the subject consisting the details that are listed below.

Or you can use the contact us forum

Full Name:

Address and Phone:

Name of your Institution:

Area of Study:

Student ID Proof:

Also note: By sending us your article, you give us the right to use the content as we please including for promotion and marketing purposes.


The deadline to submit your piece of content will be April 1, 2018, and late entries will not be accepted. Winners will be announced by us on April 20, 2017, on the same page and the checks will be issued to the winners on April 25, 2017. They will be sent to the address of university or college where the applicants pursue the course.

Best of Luck!